Which Laser Lipo Machine Should I Buy?

A lot of people think that laser lipo is new and recently discovered. The fact is that it has been around for a while, only it was used for different treatments. As a fat loss method it is fairly new to market and as such the current crop of machines that are available are also fairly new. So which one do I buy?

Out of the machines that are available there are claims that have clinical evidence to support published results and others claims that are backed up by anecdotal evidence.

On the clinical side it is hard to refute the quick results that are achieved when using these machines to reduce fat. The results are fairly instant and can be dramatic. This is more due to the wavelength that the laser diodes operation than the quality of the devices. So on this front it is hard to distinguish between the machines.

When you look at build quality, again there is not much to differentiate as all of the machines are clearly built well. In any event, today’s electronics are mostly high grade and reliable, so probably not a major deciding factor as to which one to buy.

Smoking cessation is promoted as a treatment by one machine manufacturer and this is where there is a lot of anecdotal evidence and very little scientific grounding or clinical evidence in support. Indeed, a recent trial by the New Zealand government concluded that there is no grounds or proof that low level laser has any effect as a “stop smoking treatment” and that if clients do stop, it is more likely as a result of desire and placebo.

Treatment flexibility is also a consideration. Most of the machines apply treatment by placing pads onto the target are and secure them with especially made bands. This means that you can effectively target specific areas for fat loss as the client requires. One machine on the market bizarrely uses an overhead spider formation configurations and the unit is lowered onto the body from above. The initial problem with this is that you do not have the flexibility of the other machines and this is also one of the most expensive machines on the market at an eye watering $79000!!

So, which machine do you buy? Well, if you want to avoid Quack science, steer clear of machines that promise to help you stop smoking. Especially if they cost upward of 20,000. The return on investment period is high and this also means you will have to charge high prices to justify the cost of your machine. This in turn means that you miss out on whole lot of potential market.

This narrows the field a little and there are two choices in the sub 10,000 field. I-lipo, which is a high quality and highly effective machine, and Lumislim which equals all of the other machines in ability and quality, but retails at a tiny 5,999.

You can see where this is leading. Lumislim makes good commercial sense because the ROI is quick, you can offer treatments at a price that will attract a huge, huge market and as such your order books will fill quickly.

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