What a Water Cooler With Cooling Storage Can Do For You

As they say, water is the source of life-without it, we would not be alive today. Since the beginning of time, humans have tried to develop new ways to make water easily available. One of these innovations is the water cooler with cooling storage.

Perhaps, you have a cooler or dispenser in your home or office. By now, you must have experienced the convenience that coolers have given you. Water coolers have really made the drinking of water much easy – no need to constantly place a pitcher of water in the refrigerator in order to cool. Not only that, people all over the world is slowly realizing the health benefits and convenience of having their very own supply of clean and accessible water. portable keg cooler

So, what exactly is a cooler with cooling storage? A cooler is a piece of equipment used to cool and give out water. Normally, there are two types: bottle-less and bottled coolers. The bottle-less cooler doesn’t need bottles because it is directly hooked to a water source. On the other hand, the bottled cooler will require you to purchase large bottles with water from sellers. Coolers can also be categorized as floor standing and countertop.

To take it to a higher level, many manufacturers of coolers today have come up with a new type and more convenient cooler – a water cooler with built-in cooling storage. Now, you can also store your other non-perishable food items and favorite drinks in one convenient place, your water cooler.

When looking for the best water cooler with cooling storage, it is always a wise move to turn to leading companies for your water cooler needs – and one of these leading companies is the Oasis. They have a wide selection of water dispenser and drinking fountains that you can choose from.

The Oasis 504254 Hot and Cold POU Bottle-less Water Cooler with Refrigerator is a very stylish and sleek looking water cooler that comes with its own refrigerating system. It is made from stainless steel, which makes it scratch and chemical resistant. Also, it has an LED night light illuminate faucets and an electronic managing center to control all cooler functions. Its refrigerator, which is energy star rated, has a 0.7 cubic foot capacity that can store up to 36 beverage cans. You can also choose from a standard top or deep top (to accommodate huge commercial coffee brewers). You don’t have to worry about the energy consumption because it comes with a programmable energy saver mode. This generally sells for about $684.95 to $772.31 with a 3 year limited warranty.



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