Office Furniture Design

We have been so busy all this time in our daily activities in our offices that almost every one of us has forgotten about the comfort of our office places and work environments. Activities such as attending meetings, client calls, managing daily and weekly tasks, completing lagging schedules, trying to manage our personal lives with no impact on office work etc. eat up most part of our daily office routine and some times, considering the recession these days, we even end up spending more time in the office than what we are paid for. In such a situation, we do not ever realize about our bodies being penalized for sitting so long in the office and severities such as back pain, neck pain, low eye sight etc. start arising and avert us from our actual goals in life.

An office environment, apart from being a healthy one in terms of work pressure and emotional pressure, should also be a comfortable one when it comes to the physical comfort of our bodies. Lets assume, an IT professional, these days, spends 10 hours in the office normally on weekdays (lets assume that we all have weekends off in these recession times as well). He only interacts with his computer through eyes, his office chair and his office table through his body and his desk phone through his ears. With most of the IT companies using LCD screens for their employees, the quality of office chairs and tables remain the major concern for them. Have we ever thought if the office furniture, that we use daily and on which we spend around 10 hours of our day, is really the right one for us? 오피

Being an IT professional myself, I would want to highlight some basic points which I feel should be a part of office furniture. Firstly, the chair must be very relaxing for the body and it must provide a very good back support and should also provide good arm rest. Last but not the least, it should have adjustable features for height and arm rests. As far as an office table is concerned, it should be easily cleanable (assuming that an IT professional has lunch on his desk to avoid the exceeding timelines for the project). It would be great if the office table is scratch proof as it doesn’t look good when you come to the office in the morning and the first thing that bothers you is the look of your office table where you have to spend the rest of your day. I think, a good start to the day is a nice, clean and comfortable place to work. These are only the basic features that I have pointed out which everyone would like to have in their office furniture designs.

So the questions still remain…does your company even care about it? Do you generally feel aches in your lower back when you leave the office at night (recession time)? Do you, in case of this rare possibility, get a good night sleep on your office chair in case you have to stay in the office and work all night and take a small nap in between code builds? Does your office desk look clean and nice to spread your things once again when all the stuff on your desk has been arranged by the office staff/boys who work at night to clean your mess up? In the morning, do you have a positive feeling of getting to your desk and start working again with a good fresh mood? If you have never thought about these questions, this is the right time because you will never know when it is too late to react.



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