Marriage Compatibility Of Aries Along With Libra

What is there not to love about Aries? You are one of the most outgoing of all the signs. You are a blast to be around and probably the center of many social activities. However, you have a side to you that can make finding that lasting relationship a little difficult.

Aries Are Energetic And Quick-Witted

On the good side, Aries, you are energetic and enthusiastic. Your confidence is second to none. You are quick-witted and dynamic. Most people you meet will love you right away. Remember your dark side? Yeah. You can be selfish and easy to upset. You are often impulsive to a fault and often referred to as a daredevil. These things can scare a guy away faster than you can say “Hey, guys look at this!”

You need a man who can handle you. Many guys are not going to like your competitive nature and coming in second to you can burst his bubble. So, skip those guys! You need a real man. You know the type. A man who can lose and laugh it off. A man who isn’t afraid to drop everything and follow your crazy butt to whatever off the wall place you want to go. aries horoscope

Aries Need Freedom And A Strong Personality

Your man won’t be bringing you flowers because he knows they’d be dead by the morning. He will buy you a new custom helmet for your motorcycle. He will buy you season passes to NASCAR. He will love to go up against you in a game of horseshoes, which you will, naturally, win.

You don’t need a guy who works a 9 to 5. He’d bore you to tears. You need the construction worker or the bull rider. You need someone who is not tied down and who is willing to go where adventure calls him. Your perfect guy is someone who won’t bore you and who can keep up with you – that is the bottom line.

You have no trouble getting a guys attention, but to keep it you have to take a leap of faith. You need to find someone who has a personality that matches well with yours. It may take some work, but it is possible. Try looking at the other signs to see who might math well with you.

Aries Connect With Aquarius And Leo

The signs that are a best match for you are Aquarius, Leo and Sagittarius. Aquarius will obviously be a great match since you both will be outgoing and crazy. A Leo will work because they are leaders and they are bold. They have a natural desire to try new things. Sagittarius work because they are very free individuals who love to explore things and will be right by your side through your every adventure.

You have a lot of friends and are often just one of the guys. Get over that hurdle by opening yourself to love. Look to the compatible signs for guys that will be perfect for you. You may be surprised when that one special guy suddenly looks to you and gives you a sly smile that says he’s into you and not just as a friend.


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