Large Wicker Basket Types – The Picnic Basket

Wicker baskets are mostly hand woven baskets out of a variety of strings such as bamboo, wheat, reeds and rashes of grass. They are also woven out of twigs. Wicker baskets have been in use from the olden ages. This is because bamboo, twigs, reeds are readily available in nature. Today, the wicker basket is very popular because of its natural appearance and varied uses.

Wicker baskets can be large or small and have a huge number of uses:

Decorative – As these baskets look very attractive and are quite affordable, tourists buy them and take them home as a souvenir and they are of course the perfect birthday gift. custom wicker basket flower basket willow b

Picnics – Wicker storage baskets come in very handy while going on a picnic with family and friends. They can be used to carry sandwiches, cookies, cakes, biscuits, drinks, water, tissues etc. They keep the food fresh as air circulates inside.

Laundry – They can be used as laundry baskets as they are light and attractive. It is easy to put all the dirty clothes in one basket and then carry it to the laundry.

Home-use -They can be used at home in the kitchen, dining room and bedroom. They can be used to store dirty clothes as well as laundered clothes.

Easy to carry – These wicker baskets are easy to carry and can be moved from one place to another very easily.

Wicker Large basket- This basket is very popularly used when you bring a puppy or a new dog home. You can make a cozy bed in the wicker basket and the dog feels very cozy and comfortable inside. The dog has its own space inside and feels very secure in the basket. It is also very easy to a carry a puppy in the wicker basket. The wicker basket is also a good place for the dog to get a good night’s sleep.

Wicker storage baskets come in various shapes and sizes and in different colors. They can be used inside and outside the home. When used in the kitchen or dining room, they add a decorative value. A large basket can be used at home to store fruits and vegetables or other kitchen items. They can also be used to store laundry or seasonal clothes. In the living room, it can be used to store magazines and newspapers.



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