Know More About LED Tape

It is being referred to as ‘the new kid on the block’. Not a statement to be taken lightly!

The lighting world witnessed a revolution of sorts when light bulbs gave way to CFLs and LEDs that were not only more aesthetic and user friendly but also long lasting, contributing to savings in power and energy costs that offset the higher investment costs many times over.

The ‘light emitting diode’ concept changed the way lighting concepts in homes, offices and public spaces began to be designed. Innovative lighting concepts created innovative products that suited everyone’s budgets, designs and requirements.

But as things quickly evolve, the LED market soon began to look at using the technology to solve design and lighting problems in a way never thought of before. Earlier manufacturers simply toyed with ideas that produced LED versions of older lighting designs; the newer ones went beyond imagination to take creativity to a new level.

The result, LED Tape! A potentially wonderful tool that can rid architects, builders and interior designers of nightmares regarding sufficient lighting, designs and costs for buildings, homes and offices.

The LED Tape or Strip is so called because it is basically a circuit board that is flexible and comes attached with LED chips that can be customized to size depending on where it needs to be fitted. Installation of the LED Tape is made easier by the self-adhesive back. The LED chips spaced about 5/8th of an inch along the strip are dots of lights with varying levels of brightness. adhesive tape

First Reaction

But, of course, as with any new concept or technology, there are bound to mixed reactions and unanswered questions that range from –

• Is it cost effective?
• Does it really provide adequate lighting?
• Is it energy friendly?
• User friendly?
• Can it be applied to a range of uses? Etc. etc.

Initial reviews are reassuring, however. ‘Cheap, pliable, powerful enough to light objects and spaces effectively and easy fit to requirement’ are some of the pluses from the LED Tape/Strip Lighting. As with any new product, a breakthrough concept is introduced by a manufacturer and soon everyone realizes its potential – product designer, manufacturer and user. But the drawback is that ‘every new idea catches on like wildfire’ and soon there are a spate of products making it hard for buyers to distinguish the original from a cheaper imitation. However, with the LED Tape manufacturers and designers are confident and enthusiastic that the new sensation will sustain interest and value for a long time to come because its bendable and moldable properties that throw open any number of options for its uses.


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