Building Castles In The Sky 


We have a Grand Trine in Fire signs between Saturn, Uranus, and the North Node that began framing mid-May and will continue until mid-June. On the trip, the Grand Trine will transform into a “Palace”, an exceptionally good design that will empower us to complete our life mission, transform our vision into the real world and make our most extravagant fantasy work out.  fire element


Each time the Nodes are included, we have the decision to remain where we are, adding a layer of safety to the solace of our South Node, or move into the obscure, pushing our senses to the draw of our motivation (North Node). 


3th of June will be the feature of this exceptionally unique energy because of some extraordinary travels: 


Venus conjoins Uranus, adding an “additional radiance” to the Grand Trine. 


In the last level of Gemini, Mars applies a sextile toward the North Node and to Venus and Uranus. 


The South Node is sextile with Saturn and Venus/Uranus. 


On the third of June 2017, the Grand Trine will turn into a Double-Kite, likewise called a “Palace, ” an amazingly uncommon and reformist prophetic setup. 


I like the imagery of the Kite, a bird flying among Heaven and Earth bearing the indication of the Cross. The job of the Kite is to animate the outflow of the Grand Trine, of the boundless capacity of the Universe through our cognizance. The Grand ternary energy is communicated through the Kite. 


For our situation, we have two potential “outlets” for the Grand Fire Trine energy (North Node/Uranus/Saturn): one is Mars and the other, however, the South Node. We need to decide to either “act” upon our main goal in this lifetime, and in a real sense, begin building palaces in the sky, or to return to our agreeable daily practice and sit idle (South Node) about the chance we’ve been introduced to. 


What’s more, since we have two kites, the design turns into a “Palace”. The Castle is an exceptionally steady design, laying on the foundation of the ternary/triangle. The planets we have at the base are Saturn and the North Node. The establishments on which we are building our palace are strong (Saturn) and lined up with our spirit’s Purpose (North Node). 


The Universe is giving us all we require to transform our fantasies into the real world. 


Who said you couldn’t assemble palaces in the sky? The most important place of the Castle is the Uranus/Venus combination signifying the edelweiss on top of the mountain, the shocking magnificence of the greater domains of the sky, the guarantee of paradise. 


Leave behind your usual range of familiarity and picked activity; all things considered, you presently get the opportunity to expand upon an establishment that will represent an unfathomable length of time. 


If you have planets or points around 27° in Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, you are particularly preferred for this trip.



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