Four Common Skateboard Terms

If you want to get into skateboarding, then you should first become familiar with some of the terminology and phrasing that skateboarders use on a regular basis. After all, skateboarding is more than just a recreation or a sport; it’s a lifestyle and a culture that has its own unique personality. Additionally, skateboards themselves are also subject to phrases and terms that can help identify certain parts and aspects of the boards.

As a public service to anyone interested in skateboards, the following glossary listed below is a certain “getting started” guide to different words and sentences which are well-known and often used in the skateboarding community. Now, simply reading this list won’t immediately turn you into Tony Hawk, but it will give you an introduction as to how skateboarders communicate when discussing their boards.


This is the actual board, which is flat, long and somewhat oval or rectangular in shape. Did you actually know that classic or standard skateboard decks are usually manufactured from seven separate pieces of plywood (normally maple, of course the type of wood can vary as well) which are then laminated together. Skateboard decks can also be made from other materials such as plastic, kevlar or fiberglass. However, professional skateboarders prefer conventional wooden decks.


The trucks of a skateboard function and operate much in the same manner as an automotive axle. Skateboard trucks are the metal “T” shaped components that are fastened to the underside of the deck. Attached to the trucks are the actual wheels of the skateboard. Normal or common skateboards usually have two trucks, which can be found facing each other. And while the trucks look pretty straightforward, they’re actually quite complicated, as they have many facets and pieces to them.


If you’ve ever looked at the top of a skateboard (the topside of the deck), then you’ve probably noticed a tough, gritty surface that’s layered to it. That’s the grip tape, and its purpose is quite simple actually: grip tape ensures that the skateboard sticks to your shoes as your boarding and moving about on the board. Many skateboarders will often slice patterns into the grip tape to make it more comfortable and create a better feeling of control and traction. And while most people see grip tape in black, it actually is available in many different colors. electric skateboard with remote control


Attached to the skateboard trucks are the wheels, which ensure that your skateboarding journey is somewhat smooth. The wheels are commonly made from polyurethane and can range from forty to seventy centimeters in diameter. The most important aspect of the wheels on a skateboard is their hardness, which can be measured by using a durometer scale which ranges from zero to one hundred.

These are just a few of the skateboarding terms which professional and dedicated skateboard enthusiasts talk about when discussing their boards. And just as skateboarders can be unique individuals with colorful personalities, their boards are just as vibrant and as extraordinary as some of the amazing tricks that skateboarders can perform on them.


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