Ecologically Sustainable Building Materials

Sustainability is a concept that has suddenly started finding favor with a lot of builders as they have started the use of sustainable materials, especially those which have no or very minimal impact on the environment. Even though such materials were used in very early times, they had suddenly gone out of use for the past century as more and more artificial and man made construction materials started flooding the industry, especially those which helped the builders make profits. Of late, there has been a lot of research being done into the harmful effects of these artificial components and hence more awareness has been created so that the use of such materials are discarded, in favor of natural resources, that are more sustainable as far as environmental impact is concerned.

Some very common sustainable materials that have started finding favor with builders, even in the urban areas are clay, sand, rock, bamboo, straw, concrete and even wood. The use of such materials for construction as against the artificial materials has ensured that such homes are more comfortable and convenient to live in. The use of natural resources for building construction depends on the location of construction. For example, in areas which are prone to earthquakes, wood and bamboo are quite popular when it comes to building a house. This is because wood or bamboo does not bear too much of an impact from an earthquake and is easy to re-build. house building materials 

Clay, sand stone and granite have been known to be used for construction purposes for long times and also happen to be the most common materials used for construction, especially in case of natural resources. Clay and sand are used as a mixture and create really comfortable homes, as clay has certain in bound property to cool the environment, and sand is helpful to absorb the coolness. Such homes are found in abundance in areas which have extreme summers. Locally obtained stone has also been known to be used as natural construction material for centuries. Combined with modern engineering and materials such as concrete and steel, a durable, low-impact building can be constructed.

Wood is often a very important component as far as flooring is concerned. They not only give the much needed environmental boost, but also are quite stylish and look elegant. Hence, they also are a bit expensive. Wooden flooring is available in different colors and styles, of which the parfait flooring are the most common. Timber and straw bales are another type of natural materials that are gaining usage. All these materials ensure that houses become environmental friendly and this not only impacts the environment, but also has quite a significant positive effect on the health of human beings.


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