Draw Cartoons Step by Step – Why Beginners Need to Start It Easy

When learning how to draw cartoons step by step, a basic understanding of shapes and the use of white space comes handy. Cartoons are a combination of shapes, straight lines, curves, and use of the empty space. Step by step, drawing a cartoon only requires a kindergarten education combined with basic imagination. 4anime

Shapes such as the circle are instrumental when learning how to draw cartoons step by step. Organic cartoons, such as humans or animals, begin with simple circles. Elongated or perfect circles are used for heads, bodies, hands, legs, eyes, and details such as pupils and ears. Ovals are an extension of the circle can be used to draw four-legged animal bodies such as horses, dogs or cats.

Triangles and squares work for inorganic drawings, such as buildings and vehicles. Starting with simple triangles and squares can create the base for a tall building, a house, a vehicle, or a background. Rectangles and diamonds fit into this category by simply being different versions of the triangle and square.

Adding details, such as clothing, hair, or decorations to drawings, requires some practice in curved line drawing and their proper use when creating cartoons.

Learning how to draw cartoons step by step also requires use of empty space. Artists appreciate empty space because of the freedom it allows. Filling empty space with basic shapes and curvy details has been the beginning of many famous cartoonists. Using the full space allotted allows for creative experimentation.

Learning to draw good cartoons requires devotion and some talent. Taking the process step by step is the best, and quickest, method. Starting with basic shapes, then adding details is the path to be taken by the aspiring artists

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